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Framing [bi]cycle urbanism

STC discusses (bi)cycle urbanism at velo-city 2012



Bike for a Better Beijing Launch

Bike for a Better Beijing ...

Last weekend we launched the BBB Document together with or partners Friends of Nature. Check out their great s......

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Biking to the Arts 2 : Red Gate Gallery

Biking to the Arts 2 : Red...

骑车赏艺术之旅 2 : 鼓楼到红门画廊 Meeting point : Between Drum and Bell Tower (rental bikes are available nearby) Meetin......

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Bicycle Theft and Locking Bikes in Beijing

Bicycle Theft and Locking ...

Of course there is bike theft. In Beijing there is still some organized bike theft coming and taking all bikes......

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STC's Talks from Velo-city Global 2012 Vancouver

STC's Talks from Velo-city G...

This June Smarter Than Car was giving two talks at the Velo-city global 2012 conference held in Vancouver Cana......

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Framing (Bi)cycle Urbanism

Framing (Bi)cycle Urbanism

Smarter Than Car is breeding a theoretical framework since some while which can be used to discuss the role of......

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Bicycle Urbanism - Zoll+ Mag

Bicycle Urbanism - Zoll+ Mag

Over the past weeks STC's research guru Florian Lorenz and co-founder Shannon Bufton have been working on a ......

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Zagreb: Bicylce Mainstreaming and (Bi)cylce Urbanism

Zagreb: Bicylce Mainstreamin...

Beginning of June this year the first pedalafest was held in Zagreb, Croatia. Pedalafest is the ‘first full-bl......

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Hangzhou Bike Scheme

Hangzhou Bike Scheme

Hangzhou has a fantastic bike share program. It is now the largest bike share program in the world with some 5......

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